gese Philosophy

gese stands for tool and device service of the highest quality!
We operate as a supplier of spare parts and as a highly competent maintenance and repair contractor throughout Europe. Our after sales service for power tools, water and petrol powered units is particularly distinguished by rapid speed and first-class service quality. Our increasing success is primarily based on our corporate philosophy which we consistently live.

gese Competence – versatility and efficiency
gese Quality – diligence and perfection
gese Evolution – progression, flexibility and changeability
gese Service – reliability and focus on customers
gese Standards – innovation and the highest level of performance
gese Responsibility – social and environmental awareness
gese Cooperation – fairness and trust

gese Competency

gese makes it possible!

While positioning itself with a diversified service portfolio above the industry average, Gese is distinguished by versatility and its comprehensive knowledge.

As a company, we have a cultivated understanding of a variety of machinery, such as power tools, water and petrol powered units, mobile air conditioners and battery-driven devices, as well as their functions.

Equally, whether maintenance, warranty repairs or repairs liable to charges – Gese makes it possible!

In addition, we are constantly optimizing all our process sequences. Through investing into an extremely effective, fully automated high-tech storage system, ultra-modern, efficient machinery and the continuous training of our personnel, Gese continues to set new standards in terms of productivity and efficiency.

We process about 5,500 repair orders per month and, simultaneously, we pick, pack and dispatch more than 4,500 spare parts and accessories at top speed.

Best yet, our company´s future forecasts a higher capacity for development and success.

gese Quality

gese stands for guaranteed quality!

In Gese's training premises and at both work and machines, our employees regularly attend various seminars, advanced trainings and product courses.

Gese's professionals and employees are highly qualified and motivated in order to guarantee the utmost quality.

All processes at our company are carried out by the ISO 9001 guidelines.

Repaired tools are getting examined carefully before they leave our repair shop in order to ensure excellent quality and Gese's professionalism. We are highly capable of simulating every practical application supported by specific equipment.

We measure and record all safety related values and data, and therefore we exclude any risk or danger of accident. Internal and external auditors confirm, Gese follows its own standard of work, processes and services. Our customers are also satisfied regarding our high quality performance.

gese Service

gese works quickly, reliably and focused in order to satisfy customers. Excellent service quality is a primary matter for us. Your requirements, expectations and satisfaction are of prime importance to us. That is where we excel every day!

Our highly motivated personnel in our customer service center will be pleased to answer all questions concerning repairs, consignment of spare parts and transportation. Inquiries of all types, offers, orders as well as complaints will be processed quickly and reliably. Any problems will be resolved in a timely manner.

Furthermore, as a customer, you have the option to quickly and simply consult our online support. As a registered online customer, you can benefit from our online repair service, which includes tracking orders, estimating costs, and gaining invoice insights.

Our planned spare parts and accessories shop enables you to purchase not only on the platform “nexMart” or by telephone but also directly and safely from our online portal.

gese Responsibility

gese is commited to the maximum reduction of environmental burdens. We cooperate solely with certified disposal companies due to the importance of recycling. Furthermore, the re-usage of packaging materials and freight containers is most important due to our ecological awareness.

Additionally, Gese’s key focus is on using technologies which save resources. In order to be eco-environmentally friendly we have been using geothermal utilization, solar energy and rainwater for cleaning all devices and machines. 

In order to maintain our high health standards and working conditions (fair and social) for our employees, we use ergonomic workplaces, which are free of hazards and negative influences.

Fair and social working conditions are taken for granted. 

gese Standards

gese sets standards!

One of our greatest strengths is our mechanical and technical infrastructure. We are equipped with state-of-the-art machinery, an enormously fast conveyer technology and with an immensely efficient automatic storage system.

Setup and machining times are reduced to a minimum and are perfectly matched to one another. 

Through the integration of an advanced and intelligent materials management system, the Gese IT-department provides a seamless interaction of hard and software.

All processes are adjusted to each other in an optimal way. The entire Gese logistics are excellently positioned to guarantee planning security, frictionless material and information flows, permanent readiness to deliver and adherence to schedule as well as a sound and quite exemplary quality.

gese Cooperation

gese is committed to strong partnerships!

We are a maintenance and repair contractor for the world's largest manufacturers of power tools and accessories. Besides that, we have served approximately 10,000 traders in Europe. We know a wide variety of devices and machines – Our know-how lies in the detail!

Therefore, we are always able to render valuable support to our cooperating manufacturer's by technically assessing their devices and machinery.

Numerous European companies have benefited from our wide-ranging expertise and efficient services which have been noticed as the benchmark in the industry.

In addition, we base the selection of our service partners on reliability and quality since these are the most essential determinants our customers. Due to the above mentioned facts, we only cooperate with well-known and professional transport and insurance companies.

In dealing with our business partners we primarily attach importance to openness, honesty, mutual trust, fairness and loyalty.

Gese is extremely committed and aims for long-lasting and strong business relationships.

gese Dimensions

With a capital investment of up to this point around 8 million Euros, we have continuously expanded and extended the total area of our premises to 30,000 square meters.

This coincided with a significant increase of storage capacities and productivity.

Currently we have 35,000 spare parts constantly in stock. We ship 55,000 articles and process 68,000 repair orders per annum.

More than 10,000 traders and about 30,000 satisfied customers have already benefited from our service.