We are the central repair service provider for DEWALT the industry leading manufacturer of electric power tools and accessories.

Our motto: precision and speed in the execution, versatility and individuality in the range of our services. As a service partner we offer you and your customers quick and uncomplicated processing. We invite you to benefit from our range of services and the according advantages:


 Easy order entry and administration via the internet


  • the Repair-Online-Service


Exklusive and flexible pricing options - the Gese SERVICE PLUS SYSTEM


  • FIXED PRICE - fixed price depending on the type of machine including additional services
  • ESTIMATE OF COSTS - repair at cost
  • LIMIT -  repair at cost but with the customer´s individual maximum price limit


Professional packaging, safe transport


  • Gese box
    No packaging problems with Gese´s environmentally friendly and re-usable transport box. In there your machine is safly fixed.
  • Pickup and delivery service
    Collection and delivery in the entire federal territory according to your specifications (construction site, trade or workshop, etc.)
  • Transport insurance of up to € 800


Rapid repair with guaranteed quality


  • 48 hours Express Service
    Rapid repair! It takes us a maximum of one day to send the overhauled machine in perfect condition back to you
  • Comprehensive quality check
    Thorough final inspection processed by certified professionals in accordance with BGV A3 and other legal regulations
  • 12 months extented warranty
    One additional year warranty on machines that have been repaired to Gese´s FIXED PRICE option.






gese SERVICE PLUS - The new and unique offer, taylor made for your individual needs!


You have the following options:



A transparent fixed price system with 7 varying price brackets, which makes the occuring repair costs transparent and calculable and includes all advantages of our full-service package.

The repair of battery powered appliances includes one battery and one charger.  The repair of all devices and machines of price bracket 8 is at cost and the customer receives an estimate of costs.


Your customers already knows his/her individual maximum prices limit? Communicate us this limit.

If the actually occuring costs will not exceed this specified limit, the repair will be immediatly processed with the billing of the actual costs.

However, if the actual costs exceed the limit, the customer will receive a detailed estimate of costs, which can depict your logo and your cost accounting scheme, if desired.


You require the occuring costs in advance for your decision-making?

No problem! Send us the faulty machine and the request to create an estimate of expenses. You will receive a detailed estimate of costs, which can depict your logo and your cost accounting scheme, if desired.