gese stands for precision and speed.

All processes are adjusted to each other in an optimal way.
The entire Gese logistics is excellently positioned to guarantee planning security, frictionless material and information flows, permanent readiness to deliver and adherence to schedule as well as a sound and quite exemplary quality.

What happens in detail, during the repair process at Gese?

Initial situation:

You have placed a repair order by using our Online Repair Service or by telephone through our Service Center.

The faulty device has been sent to us by a parcel service.

Goods receipt and diagnosis

Following the successful receipt, your device and the accessories become denoted and delivered to the workshop.

There our competent professionals will perform a meticulous inspection including functional testing and investigation of defects. Special testing technology enables us to exactly measure all the relevant data.

For documentation, we photograph the defective components, create an inspection record and send these documents to you.

Repair and quality check

The unit will be thoroughly cleaned, serviced and repaired by one of our experienced electricians. Afterwards, a final quality test will be processed with the utmost seriousness and comprehensiveness by our in-house quality assurance department.

Outgoing goods

Finally, we perform a completeness check, pack your repaired machine carefully and organise its safe transport back to you.

After a very short time, the machine will return back to you in flawless and perfect condition.