gese History

gese proudly looks at its developments and what it has achieved since 2002.
The steady expansion of our customer base and network of partners has always demanded us to be flexible and adaptable.

Due to our progression and a specific, proactive approach, we are capable of responding to new, varied and increasing requirements.

2002: Founded by Walter Paul and Mike Suske, we initially focused on the dispatch of spare parts and accessories.

2004: Strong efforts to expand our service and to diversify our supply led to the early completion of a new workshop building with training center and an extension of our core business with a repair service.

2005: We set a further milestone with the implementation of six new, large high-bay warehouses representing the first automation of our storage system.

2006: Gese became certified as complying with the ISO 9001 quality management system.

2007: Through refurbishing an additional hall we expanded our warehouse area and the corresponding capacity by 1,800 square meters.

2008: We optimized the efficiency of provisioning materials and our storage system with an enormous enlargement of our conveyor technology and the implementation of two kinds of stock management: an automatic small-parts warehouse and a new pallet warehouse with 1,000 additional storage locations.

2012: A progressive step forward in the service of profitability and efficiency was taken by the installation of 10 additional semi-automated storage lifts with additional space for 17,800 articles.

2013: The latest new building of a 1,400 square meters big hall was finished.

Currently the entire Gese workforce operates on a total area of 28,500 m².